Blackberries -exciting trend into primo-canes.

Traditionally blackberries have only been floricane producers – bearing fruit on laterals in their 2nd year.  But thanks to the tireless work of  clever Rubus breeders like John Clark from University of Arkansas – he has developed the likes of Prime-Ark 45.  This is an exceptionally exciting time for blackberry growers as this can be a REAL game changer.  I have a feeling they will be grown similarily to primocane raspberries.

IMG_8046[1]Blackberries in Ireland.

IMG_0500Long-cane blackberries in Watsonville, California



The “Watsonville Weave” of blackberries in Watsonville, California.

Blackberries do require chill but are a lot more tolerant of hotter/drier climates – these berries are a lot hardier than raspberries too.  So better for distance travel.

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